Short CV – Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bauer

Personal Data

Name, Title:          Wolfgang BAUER, Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn
Date of Birth:        29.12.1960
Nationality:           Austria
Adress:                Institute of Paper, Pulp and Fiber Technology, Graz University of Technology
                            Inffeldgasse 23, A-8010 Graz, Austria
                            Tel.: +43 316 873 30750 Email:

Private Status:      married, 3 children

Education and Employment

10/1980-06/1988            Diploma Studies Chemical Engineering/Specialization Paper and Pulp                                                 Technoloygy at Graz University of Technology

01/1987-06/1988            Full time research assistant at the Institute for Paper, Pulp and Fiber                                                  Technology at Graz University of Technology

07/1988-06/1992            Ph.D. Studies Chemical Engineering at Graz University of Technology                                                (employed as university assistant at the Institute for Paper, Pulp and Fiber                                         Technology)

10/1992-06/1994            Research Engineer at Leykam Mürztaler AG, R&D, Gratkorn, Austria

07/1994-12/1997            Manager Basepaper and Coating Group, R&D, KNP LEYKAM,
                                        Gratkorn, Austria and Maastricht, The Netherlands

01/1998-09/2003            Mangager PQM Department / Mill Management Team, Sappi Austria                                                 Produktions-GmbH, Gratkorn, Austria

from 10/2003                   Professor for Paper and Pulp Technology at Graz University of Technology

Research Areas                Wood, Fiber and Paper Physics, Paper and Fiber Structure
                                          Wood, Fiber and Paper Chemistry
                                          Pulp, Paper and Fibre Properties, Material Characterization
                                          Wood Based Biorefinery in the Pulp and Paper Industry
                                          Coating Technology, Printability of Paper, Interaction paper/liquids

Appointed Functions/Memberships      

from 1995                         Member ZELLCHEMING FA COAT

from 2003                         Dean of Studies “Chemical and Process Engineering”, Graz University of                                            Technology

from 2004                         Member of the Board of the Austrian Association of Pulp and Paper                                                   Technologists (ÖZEPA)

from 2005                         President of the Academic Paper Engineers Association Graz (APV Graz)

2005-2006                        Member of the Scientific Council of the European Forest Based Sector                                               Technology Platform

2005-2013                         Member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) in the Review of the Best                                           Available Techniques Reference Document (BREF) for the Pulp and Paper                                            industry, European IPPC Bureau

from 2005                          Member ZELLCHEMING FA EDUCATION

from 2006                          Member of the Pulp and Paper Fundamental Research Committee (FRC),                                           Oxford/Cambridge, UK

from 2012                          WG2 Chairman COST ACTION FP1105 “Understanding wood cell wall                                                   structure, biopolymer interaction and composition”

Memberships                     Association of Pulp and Paper Chemists and Engineers (ZELLCHEMING)
                                           Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI)

Awards                               Leykam Mürztaler Award for best scientific work at a university (1987,
                                            Dr.Carl Kellner Medal (ÖZEPA) for special merits regarding the
                                            scientific development of the paper industry in Austria (2009)
                                            Tappi Journal - Best Paper Award (2011)

Projects (finished or started within last 5 years)

03/2007-02/2014            Scientific partner in the “CD-Laboratory for Surface Chemical and Physical                                         Fundamentals Of Paper Strength” (Head: Prof. Dr. R.Schennach), in                                         cooperation with the Institute of Solid State Physics, Graz University of                                         Technology, the Institute of Physics, University of Leoben and 3 industrial                                         partners

09/2007-12/2011            Modelling of Ink Transfer from local paper properties (FFG),                                                                 cooperative project with Austropapier and the Austrian Paper Industry
                                        (€ 825.000)

06/2008- 05/2011           Influence of fiber morphology on fiber flocculation behaviour (FFG)
                                        cooperative project with Austropapier and the Austrian Paper Industry
                                        (€ 160.000)

06/2009-06/2011            Coating coverage and coating holdout (Industry financed), 6 companies       
                                        from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden (€ 70.000)                      

02/2009-01/2012            RSA Studio µSTRUCSCOP – Determination and visualisation of 3D                                                        structures of materials and biomedical specimens (Research Studios                                                   Austria/FFG) (€ 458.000)

01/2012-12/2014            Enhancement of Fiber and Bond Strength Properties for Creating Added
                                        Value in Paper Products (PowerBonds) (ERA-NET Wood Wisdom)

02/2012-01/2015            Formation-Retention-Dewatering – FORENT (FFG), cooperative project with
                                        Austropapier and the Austrian Paper Industry (€ 311.700)

02/2013 – 01/2016          Print Quality (FFG), cooperative project with Austropapier and the Austrian
                                         Paper Industry (€ 494.000)

04/2013-03/2017            Future Lignin and Pulp Processing (FLIPPR), cooperation with University of
                                        Natural Resources, Vienna, Graz University and 4 Austrian P&P companies 
                                        (COMET K-Project/FFG) (€ 5.985.000 total, € 1.593.600 IPZ)

01/2014-12/2016            Doctoral initiative DokInHolz “Wood – A Material with added value”,
                                        Project P1 “Evaluation and numerical modelling of strength properties of
                                        cellulosic fibers and fiber-fiber joints in paper“ (BMWFW) (€ 2.034.000 total,
                                        € 195.000 IPZ)

01/2015-12/2022            Key Researcher K-Wood, Leader of paper related projects in Area 3 “Wood    
                                         and Paper Surface Technologies”

Reviewing activities
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal, Holzforschung, Micron, Clay,
                            Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, IPW, Tappi Journal, Microfluidics and 
                            Nanofluidics, Journal of Biotechnology, Journal of Microscopy

Conferences:        TAPPI Advanced Coating Fundamentals Symposium, Pulp and Paper Fundamental                             Research Symposium, TAPPI Coating Conference, PTS Coating Symposium, DITP
Projects:               DFG, AIF, Academy of Finland, PtJ Berlin (BMBF), EU-Cost

Supervision of PhD and Master/Diploma Theses
19 PhD theses, 23 Diploma/Master theses
5 external evaluation of PhD theses


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